Swaziland Young Women’s Network Home   |   Feedback   |   Contact Us SYWON is young women led initiative formed as  a result of a drive by young women to regroup  within the Women’s Movement. Young Women  started gathering in what they termed ‘their  feminist circles’ to discuss issues impacting on  their livelihoods. This in turn led to a common  consensus that young women’s issues are  peculiar and need attention outside the broader w  o m e n ’ s movement context. This i n i t i a t i v e  remains supported by the older sisters of the  women’s movement who are periodically offering  formal and casual mentoring sessions to the  young women’s movement. HOME   |  ABOUT US  |  OUR PROGRAMMES  |  OUR PARTNERS  |  NEWS & EVENTS  |  CAREERS  |  RESOURCES  | PHOTO GALLERY  CONTACT US Opportunities Online    |   Get in Touch   |   Newsletter   |    Ads & Sponsorship   |   Views from Experts   |   Feedback   |   Login Social Networks JOIN US Become A Member Make A Donation Receive Newsletter we exist to be a common voice that  advocates for participation and  recognition of all young women in  Swaziland, To build the capacity of  young women on human rights,  gender and leadership skills; believing that  self-awareness, unity, “sisterhood”,  confidentiality and commitment are  our vital values for our sustainability;  So  that we can achieve a generation o  Our Vision A world where young women equally  participate in issues of economic  advancement,political and social  spaces and are accepted by society  and their voices are incorporated in all  national development processes and  the legislative and policy environment   comprehensively protects the rights of   all women Our Mission ICW Building Plot 530 Sololo Street  Checkers, Mbabane   Swaziland P. O. Box 7216 Mbabane H100  Swaziland Tel: 2404 1915 email: info@sywon.co.sz  www.sywon.co.sz Our Location 2013 Sywon. All rights reserved - Another Design By The Advertising Agency Social Networks